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Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Winning Matters?

Winning and losing is an integral part of any competition just as success and failure for every human endeavor. Though neither of the two are eternal and final, humans have already defined a transparent jurisdiction. And because of this territorial distinctions, the gravity of value that we place for both differs enormously.
Winning is not permanent and failure is never final, they say. But when it comes to a collective societal approval, it is the winning that gains the whopping appreciations. Therefore, winning in our life certainly matters.          
If winning is not in the heart of our mind, what is there in running a race or a contest? We belief (even I believed) that being a loser, we identify an approach that does not work at least for that moment and get a chance to innovate a strategy to win in the next challenge. But think! What will the winners do? Certainly, they are never a standing water. If we contest for the sake of participation and winning is never in the cockpit of our aim, we are without doubt taking a path having a less resistance. Such kind of premature and primitive attitude will bottle up and contain our growth of growing tall and thinking big. That’s why, winning matters!
Winning means gaining position. Be it employment or an interview, examination or marathon, only the winners can occupy the vacant chair or receive a coveted trophy of high recognition. Should we still snooze with a belief that, even if I fail in this interview or contest, I will gain a chance to win in the next? That’s OK but the question is, when is the expiry date of that so-called next? So, it is always that winning matters!
Winning creates legacy. Legacy is after all what matters for the historians to read it as an epitaph to remember or economists to use it as radar to measure might and success. No matter what size of energy and determination we invest, unless we win that event, none cares. Take an example of the recent victory of the World’s Worst Soccer Team sealing the fate of the team which was 36 places above it in the 2018 World Cup qualifying match. The infantile Bhutan’s national soccer team, branded as the world’s worst team unfortunately in the nomenclature of the football’s biosphere, had never caught the front pages of international media until recently it won by 3-1 on aggregate from Sri Lanka. Some might argue on the basis that it was just a stunning performance from the worst team but that stunning performance is what we call winning. Similarly, when the first New Zealander Edmund Hillary conquered the Mount Everest with Tenzin Norgay Sherpa of Nepal, he is vividly remembered to have said, “No one remembers who climbed Mount Everest the second time”. Or Walter Hagen’s captivating statement is worth sharing when he said: “No one remembers who came in second”. Other than the person who came second or someone who stood third does always remember but certainly not the mass, not even the history sometimes. So it is winning that matters!  
Winning is a compass. From the onset of that particular victory, we get to know the direction of our energy and hard work. We identify that there is only one direction and that direction is to head forward. Once we win, even our timid heart matures to be undeniably stronger and our head becomes the workshop of innovation which, is a golden key for progression. That’s how our Yellow Dragons (National Soccer Team) proclaimed that they will win the second leg of the World Cup and which they did, despite being an infant team furnished with a very scanty resources and capitals. After their astonishing victory, their adrenalin were boosted with a high level of confidence to set into a right direction so that they ignite their capacity to its optimum level. So winning matters!  
Although winning matters, it is inevitably full of friction. It is a grueling and arduous journey that needs to churn calories of our energy. It is everything that matters particularly in this 21st century where the world is dominated by the beat of Charles Darwin’s ‘Survival of the fittest” impulse. But it will definitely be determined by the way we face and escape that ill-fated natural selection. And that only way is by winning. So it is winning that matters!     
“Winning is the most important. Everything is the consequence of that”- Ayrton Senna


  1. I don't think I agree with you. Winning is less important (to me) than the integrity of the journey. I have known some winners I despise, and some losers who fill me with awe.

  2. I can only echo Elephant's words. Winners - or losers - can be either full of integrity, or despicable.
    It is the individual's personality that is most important to me.:)

    Have a great day! :))



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