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Thursday, October 10, 2013


I am emotionally contaminated these days. The bone marrow of my happiness cells has lost its immune resistance to these mundane psychological upheavals making me endure with an inevitable mental osteoporosis.
The strings of my work fail to vibrate keep aside producing music. The arrows of my dream do not hit the goal despite giving my best shots. My works in any way aren’t moving well.     
So, I am not skeptical to screen the latest movie of truth in the hall of this page today. After all, Alethiology is all about the study of nature of truth.
When the colors of my hopes turn pale and when I run the race without solutions, I see myself as the last piece of an extinct species that slogan to be a missing link. And at that epoch of time, I find no tribe of my kind around which ultimately widens the circumference of dissimilarity.  
The truth lens
I have heard people say that they see colors in my life which can weave into a rainbow of my own, but that rainbow lacks the typical VIBGYOR taste.
They talk of many alphabets in the rosary of my expressions that can craft a beautiful meaning in my own lines but that meaning suffers from a serious opaque syndrome.
I have heard them say I have eagle feathers in the wings of my struggle to help me soar high with might in my life, but that wings could not flip to conquer the gravity of failure in every attempt.
I was told that I have cotton-made palms that can soften the neighbor around on every touch, but that cotton never insulated from the coldness of our strained relations.  
I was informed that I have the charismatic shape of smile that can open other's bank of happiness on every stretch, but that shape lacked enough currency to invest others in broadening their face muscles.    
Things aren’t working well these days. This is truth. I saw this truth from my own lens.
I am walking in the wildest desert of confusion. I am diving in the deepest ocean of bewilderment. I am basking under the sun of disorientation. I am driving in a car of truth to sell the goods made of truth but I hate this business anyways.   


  1. "These are hard time but will pass soon." those words helped me to wait patiently for 'soon' to come. Hope your 'soon' will arrive soon, until then cling on life without losing hope. Nothing is permanent, so is your hard time. Cheers and best of luck.

  2. Thank you for reading my lines. I am with you, hoping for this "soon" to come soon. Thank you.

  3. I was once confused with my life... and someone said to me, " And there's more to life" which would become the title of my blog and today, more than anything, i have picked up myself so well and doing the end of the tunnel, there's always a light

  4. Sir sogyel, i wish to walk the same tunnel like you and see the light at its far end.
    Thank you for the comments.
    It means, alot for me.



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