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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The world of OPPOSITES

The pretty world with an ugly face
When I say something right
People say you’re wonderful
But when the ideas aren’t bright
I am told, ‘you are like a fool’

When I dress up so nice
People say you look cute
But when I wear that has low price
Their jeer makes me totally mute  

When my works make them happy
People say you’re kind
But when they feel themselves crappy
‘Speaking evil’, they never mind

When I write praising them
People say points are very clear
But when my words try to blame
Acceptance is hard for them to bear

When I am helpful for the day
People say you’re a good friend
But when I am forced out of their way
They say our relations come to an end

When I visit even at the darkest night
People say you’re brave and bold
But when I am out of their sight
They speak bitter that makes me cold

When I share something good
People say you’re always lavish
But when I ask something they could
They feel I am acting so childish

While the world is full of opposites
I have dreamt things to work as I wish
But when things never fits
My dreams are forced to squish

Like the thorns in the rose
Like the highs that have lows
To reach far and to walk so close
Now I must know, ‘opposites’ and all of those

When my dreams give the deadliest blows
When failures happens to the wishes I propose
Then to the world, I hate to disclose
And makes me lie over these to enclose

So that nobody around me really knows
Thus, it's been a lesson for me to compose
And accept all kinds of throes
Which always try to oppose


  1. Its a wonderful poem...lines hiding and disclosing the human nature...

    1. Thank you Mr. Sonam Tobgyel for going through my immature lines. Words from a persuasive bloggers like you are truly encouraging.

  2. Yes sir, it's really a beautiful poem. And such articles are expected from you who writes well. :-)

    1. Hey Sonam,
      It has been long that I could not write because of the incessant presentations. Thank you for visiting my site.
      I am sorry I could not even go through your articles late recently. But I will later sometimes.
      Thank you for the comments.

  3. Nice Poem Dumcho. Enjoyed it and keep writing.

    1. Tshewang sir,

      Thank you for the comments. I am hesitant to receive those praise for the article that I have written.
      Your article on "The Effect of Cooperative Learning Method" stands with a nice research dressing. Keep it up.

    2. Thank you Dumcho. It's one of the two researches i am working on. 'Cooperative Learning' I have just completed. Working on the second-'Analysis of teacher-student verbal interaction using Flanders' Interaction Analysis System (FIAS) in teaching Biology in Samtse District'. I'll soon post the research article for that too.

    3. Tshewang sir,

      Follow Lamarck's law of use and disuse. The research skills which you already have, if restored unattended might turn out to be dysfunctional or weary. So, keep writing.

  4. Beautiful poem. Keep composing more.

    1. Thank you sir for visiting my blog. The words from a robust bloggers like you keeps me moving. I am truly thankful for taking interest to read my scribblings.



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