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Friday, September 20, 2013

Bits are Bytes

It is worth beginning with Chip Heath’s appetizing quote:
“The most basic way to get someone's attention is this: Break a pattern.”
I never realized of breaking my pattern. Because I have accidentally smashed or made it defunct, I was caught in the surveillance of my friend’s attention quite recently. So this time, it was my friends who stunned me out of the blue. 

Happy Thrue Baab 2013
Back in Bhutan, whenever the special occasions draw closer, I used to lead the marathon of sending wellbeing and goodwill wishes to my friends and their families. And this rhythm of keeping them in touch exactly did not repeat this time because both pairs of my limbs were sealed to orchestrate for my presentations due next week.
These events hectically swallowed my free time without any nerves of hesitation and eventually made me feel like being back to those schooling days. Shifting the gear back to the learning mode isn’t really a piece of cake after I have partially lost the track of my learning journey.
And keeping myself abreast with the current affairs and wetting my friends with constant dews of messages sometimes is, quite another organ of this difficult labor. The fact that I am away from Bhutan is one critical factor that measures my commitment. Therefore, being engulfed by the tentacles of my works with a limited time, in a process, have miserably failed to tender the growing shoots of my good habits.
The failure to wish my friends and their families during this significant Blessed Rainy Day portrayed how sloppily I have withered the greener parts of my good routine that helped me derive fresh relations and rapport for the last many years.    
However, I am truly thankful to my friends who traveled the road I drove before but in a different way. Thank you all for checking the elasticity of my inbox and making it full till its rim with echoing wishes.
Little have I known in my life that small things truly make a big difference. Now I learned that those tiny messages in the smallest form of bits really carried a mega meaning in the capacity of bytes.
Happy Thrue Baab 


  1. Damchoe sir....i know its hard when we just miss our family and friends circles especially on such occasion but the hope of work tentacles will keep you engaged and within you will be back to your country. Your message will surely be felt by your near and dear ones.

  2. Yup, because of the busiest schedule, I have forgotten to wish them. Anyways, Thank you for reading it.



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