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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Law of Demeter

This was my third time I walked with Ms. Erin Gruwell. But this time, I was accompanied by a bigger circumference of company and interestingly it was a boon to have me circled by them that I saw Ms. Erin through their lenses too. 
Ms.G, the role played by an Academy Award winner Hillary Swank in the "Freedom Writer's Diary" is so inspirational. 
I had a class on Science teaching. Unlike other classes, the professors have brought this movie to telescope ourselves through the lens of a Pedagogical content knowledge and Principles and Ethics in Science Teaching. 
It is a kind of movie I know that none of us have spared to let it go. It has a stand on its peculiar setting. The movie turns to be a narrative spirit odyssey  of Ms.G as a teacher of "unteachable, at risk" students.
What cropped into my mind was that famous "Law of Demeter", which has already taken root into her classroom.  
The Law of Demeter [LoD], otherwise known as the Principle of Least Knowledge is a design guideline of a software where each unit has a limited knowledge of the other unit. This means, each unit can communicate only with their immediate friends and not strangers. 
Hillary's class comprised of Latino, Asians, the black and the white. Although these races made a system as a single class, the Law of Demeter had ruled the entire classroom climate. The black chose to talk with black and the white with their own races only. 
However, Ms. Gruwell hates the application of this law in human relations. She is never afraid to walk alone with her courage to cross the family obligation territory. 
Her determination to work impatiently and tolerate that envy human looks for her success does not stop winning the hearts of the children. And eventually, she is a victor for uniting that divided classroom. 
To make the children learn by themselves, she has a motto that probably suits to say something like this: "Ask but Don't Tell". 
This movie is worth watching for that it firmly believes in what Karl Max asserted:  "Change is the only unchangeable thing in the world". 
Everything can be changed EXCEPT the word Change.

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