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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

That OLD is NEW again

I heard the bell of Thorndike's Trail and Error success and B.F.Skinner's Reward and Punishment triumph in Psychology back in the college days. With them, I can fairly sketch Ivan Palov's Response and Stimuli and Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development feat. And not to forget that Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget's robust and pungent theory of Constructivism.  
But that was six years ago. 
While six years is pretty good time to attain teaching maturity, having just focused to my teaching subject in the school has left my psychological wing injured with missing feathers of understanding key concepts of psychology. 
And today, I virtually survived that brutal kick of complacency because I felt like I was "knowing the unknowing". The old wine that I drank six years ago seemed to give me a new taste in a new bottle.
Thinking for that OLD in a NEW academy
I have never realized to hear the sound of, that once filled casket of my brain, dropping the academic gems on my journey to teaching. After traveling miles for the last six years, I am today totally awake, to explore many leaves of my learning wilted and drooped due to the severe drought of self-complacency and famine of the self-ignorance.  
In retrospection,  realizing my stand as a teacher in front of the students, makes me feel the burning flames of embarrassment because I happened to be a king in a country of blind. I was lucky I escaped unhurt from the bullets of children's query. 
And I wonder how stiff I was then wearing that ego tag to belief I know everything. 
When the pond frog is thrown into an ocean accidentally or deliberately, it knows how to calibrate its own specific heat capacity of the brainpower and perspicacity. 
So, learning again and again is never a mistake. 
To fairly advocate Lamarck's Law of Use and Disuse, I seriously felt that the LEARNING should be an another innate biological organ to be used at all times.  
"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what has learned in school" -Albert Einstein

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