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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mahidol Ceremony

In front of our institute: Institute for Innovative Learning

As rich as Bhutan is with regard to its culture and tradition ceremonies, Thailand is no more an exception. 
The Mahidol University of its own has a unique way of greeting foreigners. Our group comprised of eight in numbers were bestowed the greetings of the kind that is done by family members when we are away for so long time. 
They are so open that their status is almost forgotten. Professors and Lecturers walk by side of us, showing deeper interest in learning and make us feel more homey.  
A welcome gathering with the Lecturers and seniors
I discovered that Thai relates to a human machine of softness and tenderness. They are the best form of mankind that can take glory over the world in terms of respect, civic sense and adoration.

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