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Sunday, August 11, 2013

You are under HOME Ministry

A friend of mine pointed his razor sharp index finger and shrieked to me: “You are under the HOME Ministry”. Suddenly, a high frequency of cynical laugh ensued in the room. I joined them to stretch few of my chin muscles reluctantly though, to expose the least sign of acceptance. In reality, I never knew the ground motive of their burst and yet still I passed over to take a shot in discovering why.
A few minutes later, my friend who was late to enter the room was also crucified with a same spear of dialogue. And this slice of repeated monologue and a prank staged, illustrated a kind of mystical speculation that it exhibited a jargon to the gang of gleeful.
I remained mute for pretty good length of time and then gradually began to query them. But before any proceedings, fearing the similar molest of that lethal jest, I mustered all the muscles of my gut to withstand even if it takes place for the second time.
Eventually I managed to cross the territory of my hesitation and started my labour in digging its definition. Not only God but even I knew that at first I might be imprisoned surrounded by a barbwire of that cynical laugh and then might open their dictionary to explain the meaning of that jargon.   
The explanation is not otherwise. And my preparation was super perfect. I drank the same old wine of laugh in a new bottle of time. And the connotation is idiotically simple that every Tom, Dick and Harry can place their own theory of understanding.  

Karma Dorji, the man who deployed me into a new Ministry
We are by today five days old in Salaya, a place in Bangkok, Thailand. My friend and I who were the victims of those lethal laugh molestation had suffered similar sign of homesick disease. So, most often, we end up  speaking similar language by remaining online only to get connected with friends and neighbour, relatives and mates back there in Bhutan. 
But, to the telescope of my friend's eye, they had a powerful wave of feelings that we were unable to escape from the cocoon of our home. They thought we were fearful of our wife [Home Minister] who dictated us to attend them in time. This means, if our home ministers call or happen to be online, we were noticed to have been in a same ship simultaneously. They have formulated a theory to displace us into a separate ministry. Thus, I happened to be a teacher working under Home Ministry. 
Because they don't attend home, in a frequency higher than us, they ought to claim that they are autonomous individuals and therefore, pronounce proudly that, "I am under the FOREIGN Ministry".

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