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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cities are not always DIRTY

I am four days old in Bangkok. And this is my first time of being in a ship of other country. 
Bangkok is the capital city of an amazing Thailand with a population of approximately 14 million, 20 times bigger than Bhutan. 
I can clearly remember that years before in the Geography classes, I was taught that the cities are often dirty, polluted and noisy. But Bangkok has a different story to tell. 
While pollution and noise is never an exception, cleanliness is one cheapest commodity available in all parts of this capital city.
My back was wet of Thai Sweat: really tough time
Although, the heat is one factor that tries to bar our movement, yet city is just inviting. With the aroma of its invitation, we lend up walking with a roof of sun on top. The perspiration of our body is enough to bath ourselves.
Outside university campus

On the way to Yellow Market, Salaya

A clean Bangkok City
As I crossed the territory of our University into the city, was extremely astonishing that it gets more cleaner and beautiful. Thousands of skyscrapers shout to the sky showing the pride of Thai architectural potency and dimensions. 
International food of any kind is easily available on the menu of every restaurants. Thousands come and go and still there is no traffic jam as such. All the routes are full of vehicles and we never see roads cloaked with transports. Things are well planned and are systematic mechanisms are always in place. Everything seems o have clear sense of direction and clarity. 
KFC: My dream come true

Get coupon and eat in Big Shopping Centre, Bangkok City

In front of Big Shopping Complex

With an immortal tall Thai greeting in front of  Big Shopping Complex

Posing in front of Victory Monument at the back
Plastics are extensively used to wrap every single good irrespective of its size. Yet I was blind to notice a piece disposed elsewhere. There is no graffitii or stain on the walls like that happens in our country with doma chewing. 
Now, I realize that civilization has already made a way in Bangkok. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is aware of the rules and laws of their beautiful country. And RESPECT is one common thing seen in the heart and act of every Thais.  
"A great city is that which has the greatest men and women" -Walt Whitman

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