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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Einstein Reborn

An awardee of the "Father of the Year" in 1994, Dr. Bhinyo Panijpan, is a distinguished figure in the Mahidol University. He is the recipient of numerous other prestigious awards besides "Mahidol University Distinguished Invention Awardee" in 1998 and "Mahidol University Distinguished Research Awardee" in 1985, only to name few of the many. 
A living Einstein in action: Associate Professor Dr. Bhinyo Panijpan
Currently, he works as an Associate Professor in Department of Biochemistry under Faculty of Science in Mahidol University. A British educated doctorate has a wide range of experiences in legislative, research and teaching know how. He had been visiting worldwide as a visiting professor from 1979 to 1987 in a renowned universities of the U.K and the U.S.A, New Zealand, India and Japan. He has more than hundreds of research papers and not less than fifty publications in an international journals.
This living genius who has a proven record in detecting errors in the textbooks used extensively globally visited our class as a keynote speaker for the "Seminar in Science and Technology Education". 
"I am sorry I didn't know why they have included this", began the prolific speaking professor, after seeing the slides of the presentation, filled with his inventions. To his credit, he has a long list of inventions in the menu of  scientific discoveries. 
He educated us on "Past, Present and Future of Science" that was intriguing and fascinating. His explanation was largely dressed in a layman's words that so many complex things were explained simple. 
Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough", don with a grin on his face, reminded the room often. 
What I liked about him is not because he happened to be the professor in this international university but that innate potency and calibre in him to cage us in the ring of his lecture. He was genius in his own lines. The spontaneous rhythm of words that he used were weighty in connotations and easy to be comprehended. 
A Ph.D student requested, "Sir, can I ask you ONE question?". We rooared into huge laughter not to her but to the professor who remarked, "Yes. Of course there's no HALF question as such". Interesting intellectual response indeed. 
This man has a Ph.D in Biophysics but is a champion of all disciplines of science. He is a science star who has left footprints with his new inventions in all branches of science. Should he cite some words to extend some explanations to us, words are borrowed from an Einstein's QUOTE dictionary. 
With many inventions in his credit, powerful intellectual dimension and witty addressing volume, I submit my reverence and refer him as a 'LIVING" Einstein. 
This seminar was just a synonym to have talked with a reborn Einstein. Or, an equivalent word to describe him is beyond the dictionary of my little brain.

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