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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Golden Ratio and the Fabonacci numbers

Today, I attended a class on Evolution of Science, Maths and Technology. I enjoyed a good appetite during the start of our ride that it was an oration of the great philosopher's discoveries based on their scientific instincts. 
Thales of Miletus and Anaximenes to Democritus and Aristotle possessed one thing in common: the scales of instincts and intuition seldom found in all human beings. 
They were very Creative to be Innovative. In the words of an Associate Professor Dr.Binyo Panijpan, Mahidol University, creative means production of anything but Innovation means production of something that had no similar existence before and therefore people use it. For instance, we publish a book chiseled out of our own creativity. If no body reads, it means we have just been creative enough but if everybody reads the book and uses it, that's being innovative and is thus, called innovation. 
So, all those scholars and intellectuals have been highly innovative. The things they discovered are put into an excessive use today. 
In the process of dissecting more on their noble innovations, I was forced to walk the bridge of mathematics as many of their discoveries has mathematics bricks used as a foundation.
Mathematics has never really been a good sauce for me while tasting the meal of science. And after I dropped it from the wing of the science stream in class XII, I struggled to fly even more because, Physics still needed some additional maths feathers.     

I surrendered before the bullets of mathematics
Our professor began with the discoveries of the Thales of Miletus and his strong bond with Mathematics. Instantly, I lost my sense from the repeated hit of his maths hammer because the jargons used were totally Greek to me. 
I happened to hear about the Golden Ratio and that so called Fabonacci numbers for the first time in my life. 
"Do you have any questions to ask?" grinned the professor to the audience, that comprised of nine MSc. students and two Ph.D candidates. 
"Professor, these are all Greek to me. Since I opted for Biology and didn't prefer mathematics after class XI, I am dull to ask you any question. And today, I felt like having a talk with the Thales of Miletus himself", I voiced.
The class roared into a huge laughter. My voice almost became like a string of fun for some to stretch it till the class got over. 
For any Mathematicians it might be just a cup of tea to uncover the meanings and its significance but to me, the concept was unreacheable to the network of my brain's comprehension. So, I had to frequently insert the new sim card of my attention and would still suffer from poor network receptivity. 
Thus, it is never a good thing to ignore mathematics particularly for science students. Science has its own share for mathematics to step in in the process of learning it. 
Now, forcefully, I am traveling reversely with an empty basket to collect those mathematical gems left before while my friends still carry some pieces of it, giving them an easy entry to sell it in the "market of learning mathematics'.  
This means, I have never invested any mathematical coins in the bank of my brain before, so I have to pay for the late mathematical disability now. At present, I am already hospitalized on my bed with a high fever and allergic appearances of the so-called Golden Ratio and the Fabonacci numbers. 

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