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Friday, September 6, 2013

Evolutionary to Revolutionary?

Formally born in 1989, it still shares the cradle of commonness and cleanness with acme of purity and sacrosanctity. I am talking of the virginity of Drukyul-Siam relationship.
The relation between Bhutan and Thailand has indeed attained its diplomatic puberty that it is 24 years old today. During these years, they have fastened the belt of cooperation to cross any height of domain for a symbiotic developmental growth, come hell or high water. And the status quo of the visible comfort zone that exists today is rather self explanatory that it can easily pass the Baconian induction [where one key contradiction is enough to reject the whole theory no matter what amount evidences one possess] to validate.
However, the recent Ketamine lady nabbed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport for smuggling might in some way navigate the cursor of integer in Bhutan-Thailand friendship. That singular ignorance might turn out as an acid test for Bhutanese purity of integrity and trustworthiness. So, unless the verdict is placed out or not, none of us can predict the state of a radar in the Drukyul-Siam diplomatic balance.
Fairly it would mean that Bhutanese now be carefully inserted into the ports of a surveillance CCTV and scan for the hazardous Trojan horse. That shouldn't be a connotation of cruelty or aversion.   
We are buying this treatment and its worth sharing the American playwright Tennessee Williams when he said: 'We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal'. 
By writing this article, I am not trying to don the blame-hat to the 26 year old. Neither is it written to aggravate any sort of unfortunate future imperatives. 
Being based in Thailand and as a concerned bona fide Bhutanese, I equally suffered a heart stroke when Thai medias were flooded with reports that sustains Bhutanese fingerprints. 
This incident, be it foolhardy or  an impudent timesaver to run for money rocks my mind with the monsoon of interrogations. Today, that editorial 'The Thai Honeymoon is over'  in the Kuensel I learnt emits a kind of foul smell of flaws in the security box office at Paro International Airport.  
In anyway, this incident I think might gradually close some chapters of evolutionary progress that stood the hardest test of time. That means, nothing like before, now a journeyer or a vacationer might have to show a whole set of true truth to pass the paradise of Thailand.
Because a single misfortune is just enough to persuade us into a revolutionary road that it will, in any form, result in a radical change. That's what revolutionary is all about. 

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