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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dr. Van Diallo hates Benjamin Franklin

While many people around the world crazily marathons to kiss the dead Benjamin, there are some who still hates him. The so-called Dr. Van is not an exception. 
A few days ago, Dr. Van has rained proposals into my inbox. The mail read: 
I am Dr. Van Diallo. Currently, the Auditing and Accounting Unit Manager with a reputable bank here, Bank of Africa (BOA) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.

I write you this proposal in good faith, believing that I can trust you with the information I am about to reveal to you. The Business I am proposing you is in respect of the sum of US$10,500,000.00(Ten Million Five hundred Thousand Dollars only) deposited in a Dollar account with my bank which belonged to one of our deceased customer who unfortunately lost his life in a plane crash  along with his entire family

I was neither excited to continue reading his proposal nor shocked to hear the tragedy because this wasn’t a first mail. It wasn’t the first time to hear either.

“Who the hell can believe the hatred towards 10,500,000 Benjamins? I sighed, gnashing my teeth.  
Who hates the Benjamin? Except Dr. Van
The Benjamin, alias the U.S. Dollars is often the second life line that people have in their bucket list nowadays.

Humans are now fearless to break the backbone of their health to gain wealth. There are still some who cross the bar in losing health to gain wealth and later trying to regain health by using wealth. Watching this ductility of human greed and the live documentary of a complete ravenousness have always fevered my spinal cord many a times. 

But, it was surprising why Dr. Diallo flood the proposals to me. The world wouldn't believe with me if I describe the pattern of words he has used to weave the stories in the proposal. No dictionary can suffice the strength of his expressions.

Since I suffered nausea with these echoing smell of spams, I cooked a message on the oven of my laptop for this saboteur crook. Here it reads: 

Dear Dr. Van, 

It was heartening to receive the business proposals from you over and over again. But, like a crook like you, who is busy invading minds of the innocent wise humans, I am never free to work on your proposals. 
However, the recurrence of your mails have made me wish for an extra hands, so that I can sieve the nicest lethal words to suffocate a scoundrels like you.  
Education is believed to bring a desirable change in human behavior. And, if a rogue like you still believed in yourself to be a human, I would classify  you to be an untouchable fiend. You seems to have been educated in the World's Villain School.
I remembered what William Shakespeare in The Tempest said: Hell is empty and all the devils are here. No wonder that your birth was prophesied by this English playwright sometime in the 16th Century only. 
The Almighty must be regretting for the creation of your mother, who gave birth to a human with devil's mind like you. Each day with the fingers crossed, He might be saying prayers not to breed your race: a devil with a human face. 
I wish I have some miracles to entrap a beast like you and let the starving vultures feed in front of the world. Like you annex the serene human mind little by little everyday, I wish those scavengers feed on your flesh bit by bit. 
Eventually, I take pride to say the last lines of my painful prayer that a son of a bitch like you vanish before your blood stains the world. Each day, you send the spam message, let your life be shorter with a lightning speed. 


  1. I also received such spam many times in facebook though with different sender name but same content. I was told that if we proceed further, they're even going to extent of asking our bank a/c number. They must be thinking that we can be fooled. You wrote what they deserved. Good bro..

  2. Yes Sherab sir, it was disturbing despite my tight schedules. I couldn't bear only to end up writing like this. Thank you visiting the blog and thanks for the comments.



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