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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A is for Analysis Paralysis

Life is not a dress rehearsal many say. But I am still a victim for not being able to chart this statement strictly although I am a firm believer of it.  
At this point of my life, where I am crammed with less time and more works in my menu, I just wish to have additional 24 hours on the face of my clock. I have thousand and one things to take along with me to cross the ‘bridge of finish’ and enter the end zone. And sometimes, in the process of hunting for the best key to unlock the door of solutions, I am often jammed without any space to move front or back. Hopelessly, I have to activate the process again, only to see myself still without a code to reach a bridge so that I can easily cross the river of these hurdles.
I am already engulfed by the tentacles of fear that this syndrome might consume my life down the line. I was never the same before.
Although, I do more walking than just talking and thinking, I am still found in the same basket without any change in color. Life has started off to be more hard and terrible for me because the best choices that I have at my disposal seemed to be the most expensive commodity. 
This image tells it all     Courtesy: Click the LINK
Even if I happen to get the best options on my hand either by design or by default, my muscles fail to obey the signal of my brain and make it functional. So, when such a major challenges arise, I have to forgo without any attempt to retake it. Consequently, I have to keep on hunting for the best answer, the answer that possibly has its appearance probability next to an infinity. That’s the time where I get paralyzed on the bed of analysis.
At times, the best solutions that I get often lack the required organs to make it operational and that’s another moment where I get paralyzed severely. Sometimes, life has something strange to offer when the best solutions I think becomes the worst mockery to the world. The world expects me to be like a same brand of computer as they are: expecting to give the same problem which it can be solved by one solution.  
"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." -- Bruce Lee


  1. I have found much common ground in your wise words here, Dumcho.
    I feel exactly as you do, more and more frequently these days.
    "The world expects me to be like a same brand of computer as they are: expecting to give the same problem which it can be solved by one solution"...oh those words are SO true...for me also.
    It is how I feel...a kind of helplessness when trying to keep up with all that is expected of me!

    The knowledge that someone else feels this way makes me feel so much less alone...

    Thank you so much for this wonderfully insightful post...from my heart...:)

    1. Thank you so much Ygraine.
      I have written this note when I was so much frustrated with my life where people expects everything to be same like them. Sometimes, the world does not want to listen to the reasons of my cry that also has some meaning in it.
      I am always humbled when you have gone through it and commented it. Thank you once again.



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