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Sunday, November 3, 2013

A place next to.....

Sweetheart, a place next to you is…
A place next to comfort,
A place next to compassion,
A place next to Love,
A place where I can stay for all my lifetimes that are yet to be.
We make a Great Couple.

Twenty eight years back, it would have been a leaflet of reason in the plant of their happiness. It was 3rd November, 1984 then. My parents would have celebrated for answering their dream with a boy on this day.
In the same cloth of time but with a different name, it has been a fruit of reason in the tree of her happiness. It is 3rd November, 2013 today. My dear wife celebrates on her significant other’s birthday.
So today, I am precisely 29.  
"A place next to".... lyrics on the face of a birthday card
On this day, the charming smile of words engraved on the card she has sent made my heart pump galloons of romantic blood.  These words took the hands of my heart to turn back the clock and flip those memorable pages of the history.
The needle of these mortal lines has induced in me an immortal dose of message that there is meaning in my living. It didn’t make me drown in the sea of despair for letting my life doing nothing. Like a flowerless plant often witnessed beautiful, she has found beauty in my nothingness. 
Eventually, the soul of these words has nested in the warm woods of my heart.
And now, I suppose, the invincible Michelangelo would fail to sculpt like the precision of these words; Picasso’s drawings would be incomparable to seduce like the romance in these words; Shakespeare’s poetry would smell slum by the taste of these words; Obama’s oratory skills would be incomparable with these words that can express itself; and Anjelina’s beauty would mean curse in the light of beauty in these words.  


  1. What a metaphor you have used here! Of course you are so lucky and proud to have your beloved wife to walk in this life's journey. And more importantly, happy birthday.

    1. Thank you Riku sir for visiting my page again. Your comments are simply encouraging. Thank you once again.



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