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Friday, November 1, 2013

Mark Zukerberg was angry with me

This is one moment that I will never forget in my life: Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg. 
Mark Zuckerberg is the Chairman and CEO of Facebook. By profession, he is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who was one co-founder of the giant social site, the Facebook. Today, he is easily remembered for being the World’s Youngest Billionaire.
Angered Mark making a response to my questions
Mark and I were sitting on the stage with a huge audience around. The barrel of a special tea was already placed on a chocolate round table that was parked between us.  Since, this was the first time I faced the camera, I was swallowed into a gluttonous stomach of anxiety.
So, even before the program started, I experienced the drum of my heart beat faster. The door of my throat reduced in its size and suffocated me. The barrel of saliva inside my mouth evaporated and that it rather posed a friction to my tongue. And those every curious looks from the floor seemed like a human-syringe that injected me the pathogens to nourish the disease of nervousness in me.  Strangely, I began to see the drama of sweat balls rolling off the cliff of my forehead to the roof of the nose and chin.
And fortunately, Mark didn’t observe this. A beep sound of his Apple phone grabbed the whole share of attention and saying “excuse me”, he went out. I quickly took out the broom of my handkerchief and swept the entire floor of the forehead without any traces of sweat.
“Um…it was back then in 2004 when I was a Harvard University student that I created the Facebook”, Zuckerberg began.
And clearing his throat, “With other three friends in the credit list, first we have launched the Facebook from our dormitory” he added. 
“It was then gradually introduced nationwide and globally after 2007”.
He kept his words brief and quickly gave the floor to me for asking questions.
By then, I was already prepared with a basketful of wealthy words to acknowledge for his invention.  I thanked him using all the powerful words that were available in the tongue of the English dictionary.
The interview was a grant success. Mark was impressed. He shouted to the audience: “Let’s give a big applause for this wonderful gathering”.
Eventually, when the thunder of the applause stopped, I said: “Uhh….If Mr. Mark gives me a few minutes to speak some of my suggestions, I would be grateful”
“O.K. It’s fine. Please proceed”, saying this he relaxed on the rotary cushioned chair.
Then I began.
“Everybody likes Facebook. To the academicians, it’s a synonym to the electronic notice board for information sharing. For organizations, it’s like an e-register where they can fence their members into a group; for businessman, it’s like an online advertising studio to empty their goods from the store; for job-less, a play field to play their life; and to a play enthusiast, it’s a stadium where they can play varieties of games"
I asked him if there is any possibility of including what I suggest to him. Some of the things I suggested:  
1.      Flirting- alert: When married person flirts, there should be a mechanism to signal their better half of this activity. Later, when they drown into the pool of flirt, it injures the health of marriage and this is where divorce becomes the choice.
2.      Lie indicator: When a person lies, other person can read by getting some red signals.
3.      Genuineness Tag: Facebook can design a way to scrutinize whether the person is real and alive.
4.      Religious figure: People unnecessarily upload the images of profound religious figures. In some religion this is unwise and irrational I think.
5.      Enemy List: People who take interest in hurting others can be added to this group.
The ground burst into laughter as soon as I finished saying the fifth point. I saw Mark turning 
red. He gulped the water which was on the table.  Then he said:
“Facebook is a social website. This means, it is room for people to interact, learn the wisdom 
and social values. It bridges the far and finds the lost to get connected again. It is not to 
create enemy as you suggested”
Saying this, he stood up. “Thank you for the interview and a nice meeting” and fled the stage.
I was nervous. I could smell the footsteps of our furious Director approaching towards me. 
He remained mute and still for some time. Few minutes later, he took out his right hand 
holding some papers and hit on my forehead to gain the attention.
I was terrified. I looked to his face. But it was my friend with some papers trying to strike me 
again. It was just a dream then.
Although the light has went off, they were busy talking about the Facebook. The room was 
extremely hot because the AC was down. This has made all of us sweat. But they were still 
enjoying a huge flask of tea.
I narrated them my dream and they couldn’t control their laugh. And one thing I learnt: the 
dreams are simply the echoes produced by the sound of our thinking and daily works. 


  1. Replies
    1. Ruppa, Nice to see you visiting again. Thank you for the words.

  2. Nice points in your dream Dumcho! Creative la! Love reading it :) Keep writing and be creative with more dreams and share it with us ^^

    1. Thank you Madam RIma. The simple words from a powerful bloggers like you does magic in my heart. I am humbled to have received your sweet words of encouragement. Thank you, once again.

  3. Am lost here reading your i wish he take your suggestions seriously..Wonderful post and it is a nice read..Happy week end sir!

    1. Thank you Pema sir for the comments. It was a dream but we were seriously talking about it. Thank you once again for visiting my page.

  4. Wow wonderful post. I really was wondering if it was true until you reveal it was a dream. Beautiful dream, and beautiful suggestion indeed. Loved reading it. keep updating.

    1. Monu sir, thank you for the comments. Glad that you went through my scribblings.

  5. Until, encountering last few sentences, I thought it was of real. And after discovering it’s your dream, I had a good laugh after long days.
    Creatively written!!!

    1. Sir Tenxin, Thank you for visiting. I came to know about your blog only today. Thank you for visiting.

  6. Nice and creative dream Indeed Dumcho sir; i also thought of as a real incident until the last paragraph!..."Audience with Mark? I thought!"

    1. Tshewang sir, Thank you for the remarks. If things of such happens in reality, I would be the most happiest person to be in the world.
      Thank you for visiting my page.

  7. An insightful creative article beautifully written in a humorous way. Very much enjoyed reading la. (y)

    1. Thank you for the comments, Tshering. The matter was actually a serious joke among my friends.
      Glad that you visited my page again.

  8. Ha..ha....Dumcho it was very well narrated dream which created an illusion vision of your presence with Mr. Zukerberg to the readers. Loved going through it and your suggestions was just superb.

    1. Thank you karma for the comments. Actually the Facebook became the topic of our talk for quite sometime. But later I was fallen asleep and this continued in my dream. Haha



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