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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The International Week

A friend of mine asked me if I was interested to participate in the so-called International Week organized by the University. 
I blatantly said, "No!! Assignments first, Leisure second. I am busy these days". 
The response made my friend stand dumbfounded near the door of my room. Few minutes later, after boldly taking some steps towards me, "Do you think that you will get this chance to be in this kind of meet?", he asked. 
I thought it over again and made up my mind instantly to take part in such international occassion. 
I was accompanied by two seniors. We reached the scene to showcase our food items. As we reached on the spot, I was fascinated to see many of the other team with their own unique national dress. I asked Auw Namgay, the lady who led our team, that we will also make ourselves presentable in our national dress. She agreed and liked our idea that we immediately rushed to our own apartments to get dressed. 
The idea to wear our national dress was never a bad endeavour. Although it contradicted the face of the weather that it was very hot, our national dress did attract many others besides us. Many of them were fond of seeing us. They came to taste our food not because they liked it. But it was the design of our national dress shining in the air that captured their movement towards our spot. The Shamu Datshi and Bhutanese Yue chhum gathered thousands of hands then. 
We were captured on almost every camera that was there in the place. Because of our national dress, I was pleased to have been featured in the cameras from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, and Myannmaer. 
These are some of the moments I captured for the memory.       
The standing stage that spoke the theme
Free snap by the University: Me with Auw Namgay Lhaden

Ema datsi from the Land of Thunder Dragon
"Please taste, its from the Dragon Kingdom", Mrs. Melam, Ms. Sangay and Ms. Namgay
Ohhhh.... reminded me of my female idol.... Aung San Suu Kyi, The Powerful
Sushi from Nippon: The Land of the Rising Sun
Sausage from Siam: The Land of the Free
Taste from The Land of Kambuja
The taste from the Republic of Indonesia. I miss that cucumber juice...just cool....
The team from Bangladesh
The food from Truly Asia
Long live Bhutan-Myanmar relationship
Long live Bhutan-Thailand relationship
With my Thai friend and Auw Namgay
Whats the deal? I am excited to speak about....bla bla bla
Showing the Bhutanese face
Attractive dress from Indonesia
Trying to take smiles with some friends of Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar
How do I look like?
Please can I have a snap?  So, I was busy for the pose.
Oh my God..many cameras..where should I face?
"I am sorry. What did you say?" The Bhutanese Jamesbond
Bingo...I am between two Thai queens
A friend from Malaysia caught a moment with the Thai beauties
What have they used to prepare this? A 100 percent concentration achieved in my life
Let me taste it anyway. Yummy..
Pose with Mrs. Melam Dema
A smile with Ms.Sangay
Pelden Drukpa. Lha Gyelo....


  1. Wow.....sir you're the most dashing one there. Hope your facial-muscles didn't pain smiling for those cameras. Nice nice.

    1. Thank you Sherab sir. I was extremely busy these days.

  2. You really are good at photography sir. I loved it. :-)

    1. May be I am too photogenic. hehe. Thank you for visiting.

  3. The Indonesian food looked nice :D~ But the clothes that they wore..... they must be Indonesian Chinese??? Otherwise Indonesian would usually wear 'Batik' as their national dress :) Thanks for sharing Dumcho!

    1. Thank you madam for the comments. They must be as you said but I was informed that they were from Indonesia.

  4. Nice pictures and nice blog........

    1. Tashi sir, thank you for the comments. Came to know about your blog recently. Keep posting. Nice one.

  5. I remember the Bhutanese group becoming the highlight of one such occasion in RSU. It made us proud to be wearing our unique and outstanding Gho and Kira. Many people thronged around our group in fascination. Some would comment that Gho resembled the 'Highland costume' of the Scottish. But we explained how Gho was different from the Scottish highland costume. One of the differences being the size of the 'Hemcho'. We bragged of having the biggest hemcho in the world. While, the most common question that our ladies had to answer was 'How do you manage to walk in the tight wrap-around?' While for food, the most common comment was that of them being too spicy.

    Good post Damcho!

    1. Tshewang sir,
      If the world wants to know you, it is very simple: Wear our gho and kira. Every Tom, Dick and Harry never spare to watch us closely until we are out of their sight angle.
      Thank you for visiting.

  6. Colourful. You represent Bhutan. Good luck.

    1. The moment itself was just colourful. Thank you for the remarks. And, yes, I did try to show my country Bhutan in a smaller way I can.



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