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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A humble message to a Servant Leader

Your Majesty,
The King of the Kingdom of Bhutan

With utmost reverence and sincere prayers, I join the entire nation to humbly offer my heartfelt wishes on Your Majesty’s 34th Birth Anniversary.
I am extremely honored to be a humble citizen of the Kingdom of Bhutan. If there is one thing that I can boast about my country, Your Majesty, it would be about my Monarch, a living God present in a human form.
Your Majesty, you are truly the ‘People’s King’. Your industrious effort in weaving our dream into a reality is beyond compare. Yet, we realize that Your Majesty doesn’t take ownership of the job well done. We are hesitant to hear Your Majesty addressing, ‘We’ can do it and ‘We’ have done it, while we are never a part of your labor.
Your Majesty, you are a beacon of inspiration, a yardstick of compassion, benevolence and humanity. No adjectives in the world’s richest dictionary would suffice to define Your Majesty’s phenomenal charisma.  
Your Majesty, you have the gene of goodness ingrained in your golden heart. You repeat the good history of our legendary kings. Your indefatigable energy in realizing our dreams undoubtedly makes you the perfect ‘Servant King’, the world has ever witnessed. Heaven must have envied by seeing a single human being able to create a better paradise on this earth.    
Your Majesty, if God would ever grant me a wish, I would pray Him to withdraw some hours from 24 hours in the clock so that, the Servant Leader like Your Majesty, get a time to repose in tranquility. 
Your Majesty, please forgive me if my words aren’t having enough muscle to describe your endeavor. This is the modest rosary of prayers in the form of words that I can pray wholeheartedly from my heart.
I pray for your sound health and wish for the longevity.


Pelden Drukpa Gyalo! Pelden Drukpa Gyalo! Pelden Drukpa Gyalo!


  1. A great post, Dumcho sir. I too would like to join you in wishing him a very Happy Birthday. My sincere prayers for his long life. He is the best King people can wish for! :)

    1. Thank you Mr. Langa for joining me to wish His Majesty the Happy Birthday.

  2. Great words of tribute to 'The People's King'. Long live His Majesty The King .

    1. Lets pray for the long life of our King, 'The People's King'.

  3. Great post with very appropriate words Dumcho sir. Long live His Majesty the King; Truly the People's Monarch!

    1. Thank You Tshewang sir for visiting my page. I am uncertain whether I have used the equivalent terms to describe a great human being like our King. I just wished His Majesty a Happy Birthday since I missed a chance to partake in the celebration this year.



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