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Friday, February 28, 2014

Teaching Foreign Students

As a part of my study, I went with my friends to teach in one of the International schools in Thailand today.
Established by Dr. Chin Chinsettawong, Associate Judge of The Central Labor Court of Thailand, Sunflower Trilingual School is approximately one and half hour drive from the Mahidol University. The school aims to be a community learning center and prepares the children in developing their physical, emotional, intellectual and social maturity. The children are encouraged to develop and use English and Chinese languages besides their native Thai. 
Teaching students in a school that follows a curriculum of an international parity is really enriching. The students are always open, restless, bold and courageous. And surprisingly, hesitations and fear from a teacher is a forgotten story for all of them.    

Brainstorming on how to teach...

Getting ready with the teaching materials
Arranging the class
The Sunflower Trilingual School
Feeling relieved .....After the class
The professors in the lunch session
The clash of the Titans..two giant friends fighting for the octopus and shrimp
Trying to give a pose before the lunch
The excited group of teachers after the class

Trying to give my signature pose


  1. Thank you for making the best use of the photos we took earlier today. A round of applause for Ajahn Namkang and other Ajahns for guiding us and preparing us for this big day!!!

    1. I did it thinking that a moment will come to for us to recall the day on teaching density. haha.
      Don't worry, on your behalf, I have already sent an acknowledgement to the professors.

  2. Your pictures tell half of the story. Beside your write up, I really enjoyed the photos. Always do the same - if you can. I mean story along with pictures. My suggestion to you, sir.

    1. Thank you Sonam. I have left the story half said. There is a vast difference in teaching foreign and native students. It was really challenging but at the same time enriching. Thank you for the suggestions.



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